Saturday, July 27, 2013

Introducing: New AHA Flyers!

New pull-tab style AHA flyers are making their debut on bulletin boards across campus:

Our strategy: lure in unsuspecting students with cute animals, seal the deal with bad puns:

Similar to Skepticon's brilliant "Kittens are cute." billboard, we hope these adorably innocent flyers are less likely to be vandalized/destroyed by students who are offended by our mere existence.  Beyond that, we're also sending a message: atheists are normal people with a functioning sense of humor!  Seeing this flyer would hopefully disabuse anyone of the notion that AHA is all a bunch of grumps bashing religion and hating god.  We do other things too.

Kudos to AHA Treasurer Calli for conceiving the idea and designing the flyers.


  1. Wow those posters are super cute!!!!!!!!

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